German Kitchens: What's all the Fuss About?

Confused about what makes a German kitchen so special? Wondering if they really are better than English kitchens? Read on to discover some of the key differences and decide if a German kitchen is right for your home.

Dave White
Dave White
July 6, 2020
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Are German kitchens better?

German engineering is famed the world over for its precision, efficiency and attention to detail.

Everything from the German automotive industry to their watches (and even their beer) gets nothing but the best when it comes to planning and development - it's no wonder therefore that the "German made" badge has become so synonymous with quality.

But what about their kitchens?

We're pleased to say that they're no exception. German kitchens are produced with the same meticulous care and attention that has made their other industries (and beer) so popular across the globe.

With German brands such as Nobilia, Leicht, SieMatic, Poggenpohl, Schüller and Bulthaup becoming more and more popular in the UK marketplace, our friends in Germany must be doing something right.

So what actually makes them better than say, an English kitchen?

Here's the answers to the 7 most common questions our customers ask us when considering a German kitchen:

1. Do German kitchens come with plenty of colour and style options?

Function may be at the heart of German kitchen design, but this doesn't mean style plays second fiddle.

Clean lines, designer features and a huge palette of unique colours and textures are defining characteristics of German kitchen design, making them a trendsetter in the global kitchen market.

Each year new features, colours and textures are introduced to our range of Nobilia German kitchens (and more dated ones removed) keeping the collection fresh, current and ahead of the trend.

Whether it's a modern designer kitchen or a traditional cottage style you're after, choosing a German kitchen is always guaranteed to yield spectacular results.

2. Will my German kitchen come flat pack?

Our German kitchens are rigid-built, meaning everything arrives pre-assembled and ready to install. No flatpack here!

Drawer units are delivered fully constructed and hinged units arrive with doors ready hung for a quick and efficient installation. This helps speed up the fitting process and keeps site costs to a minimum.

3. Are German kitchen cabinets built differently to English units?

Unlike English cabinets (which are usually built with a solid 18mm back panel) our German kitchen units take a more efficient approach by using a thin, 2.8mm flexi back panel and 19mm thick cross beams for a more solid unit construction as pictured above.

This means that should the back panel need to be removed, the units don't lose their structural rigidity.

It also means less material is used, making the units lighter, easier to transport/install and more environmentally friendly.

All our German kitchens come with soft close mechanisms on the doors and drawers as standard, which isn't always the case with English kitchen manufacturers.

Additionally, German kitchens use larger unit feet than most English kitchens, offering better overall stability.

4. Don't German kitchens just come from a warehouse/stockpile?

Who wants a "new" kitchen that's been sat on a shelf for 6 months?

Our German kitchens are all "made to order" meaning your kitchen is built for you and you alone.

All your doors and panels are newly painted to guarantee a perfect colour match (no old finishing mixed in with the new) and as all the cabinets are made new you can be guaranteed of a brand-spanking new finish on your German kitchen, every time.

Additionally, all appliance housings are specifically built to accept the models you've chosen too, helping further speed up the installation process whilst guaranteeing a perfect fit on all your appliances.

5. Are German kitchen units a different height to English cabinets?

A standard English unit is around 720mm in height (not counting the plinth) which is the equivalent of our standard range pictured above (left).

Nobilia units come with a selection of heights however, which makes our German kitchens more adaptable and ergonomic than a basic English cabinet.

Increasing the unit height to our larger 792mm carcass option is a better match for taller customers and also offers 10% more storage than our English-equivalent unit.

Our German wall units also come with a deeper 320mm carcass as standard compared to the 300mm deep English wall units, meaning those large dinner plates will fit perfectly.

You can read more about our different unit heights here.

6. Are German kitchens expensive?

A common misconception is that due to their superior build quality, German kitchens are more expensive than regular English kitchens.

While pricing will vary between manufacturers, there's no reason great quality can't come at a great price.

Our price examples are a fantastic indicator of how much your new German kitchen could cost - we've even prepared a few of the most common kitchen layouts so you can see how they compare.

At GKS we also have the advantage of buying our German kitchens in Euros, meaning the exchange rate offers an additional buying discount you won't get from an English manufacturer.

Which leads us onto the big question...

7. Are German kitchens worth it?

In a word - definitely.

From cutting edge design to ergonomic units that are built to last a lifetime, there's no reason at all not to choose a made to order German kitchen for your home or place of work.

It won't break the bank either - here's that link to our price examples again if you don't believe us.

Think about it: why buy a flatpack, stock-pile kitchen from Howdens or Ikea when you can have a fully made to order, German built product professionally designed and delivered directly to your door?

Its like getting an Audi for the price of a Ford.

Hugo Boss for the price of Next.

Or a Becks for the price of a Carling.

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